#1 – The Zeltser Challenge

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Digital Forensics / Incident Response

It’s no secret that people have pushed for more community sharing in DFIR, assuming one’s company or role allows that sharing. A few years ago, David Cowen entered a daring experiment to write a daily blog. This was based on Lenny Zeltser’s challenge, lovingly termed “The Zeltser Challenge” among the community, in which one writes a blog post every day for a year. Matt Bromiley also embarked on the challenge. The goal of the challenge is to: 1) share with others and 2) push yourself to keep learning. Recently, David tweeted out a request to have others join in on the challenge, and well, here I am…

Are there any specific requests of topics you’d like to read? A few of the topics that I am considering over this next year are:

  • macOS Forensics
  • APFS Artifacts
  • Android Forensics
  • iOS Forensics
  • SQLite Analysis (a.k.a. forcing myself to learn SQLite)
  • Third-Party Application Forensics
  • OSINT (maybe?)

Here’s hoping all goes well!


  1. Yu Yang says

    Android forensics and third-party application forensics look interesting to me since I do not see many blog posts for those topics.


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