One Loss and Another Gain

Welp, Facebook is gone again. That didn’t last long. I noticed, in the few short weeks of having it, that I was starting to feel depressed again, then thought back to how I felt during Lent without Facebook. Easy decision – goodbye Facebook! Unless someone can provide me with a compelling argument as to why I need Facebook, I am not going back.

Life the last few weeks has been a bit hectic. From lengthy testing appointments (I’ll fill you in on this later) to weird work schedules and visits from friends, life has been a bit of a blur. My house could use a bit of a touch-up from a cleaning service – not to mention my dog could use a serious de-shedding treatment. One day that’ll happen, one day.

The most exciting thing so far has been picking out my cruise’s land excursions! I’m not able to officially book anything until 90 days out, but it has been fun researching the various options. My biggest goals for the trip are to see as many archeological and ancient sites as possible. Greece and Western Turkey have so much history that it would be silly to sit on a cruise boat all day and not take advantage of some of the explorations and eat the phenomenal local cuisine. I have a feeling I will be visiting this region again in the future.