Happy Easter!

Welp, I made it! Giving up social media for Lent really wasn’t too bad! Now, the update…

Twitter: I’m back. A few people left me messages throughout Lent, which was a nice surprise to come back to. One friend DM’d me baby animal photos nearly every day. So adorbs!!!

Facebook: I’m back, I guess. My account has been reactivated, all group notifications have been disabled, and many friends have been unfollowed. Trust me – it was necessary. Reading the stream of drama from a few people today after being away for a few weeks has really opened my eyes. I don’t need it in my life. I don’t need to read about it, participate in it, and it can wholly be ignored.

Instagram: This is staying deactivated. I don’t need it or want it.

I will not be reinstalling the social media applications on my phone. They are unnecessary. The notifications are interrupt my life, and I can do without more interruptions and the stress of checking the “omg what did X say…” messages.

If you participated in giving something up for Lent, what was it and were you successful? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I have a serious addiction to Coke, the soda, not the drug. I sometimes drink a 6 pack a day. For lent, I limited myself to one Coke per day and yes I was successful.


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