Day 27

It appears we have made it over the hump. We are now closer to Easter than we are to Ash Wednesday, which means, I am now closer to being allowed on social media. Honestly, I am having a bit of anxiety about re-joining the social world. I miss my Twitter friends, but it is a LOT to keep up with conversations, tweets, messages, etc.

Facebook may be put on the back-burner until the end of April. It’s a little more overwhelming with all the status updates, photos, parties, groups, pages… the list goes on. I’m sure I’ll go back to it at some point, but I may try to hold off for a while longer.

The one big positive from this break, which I have mentioned before, is that I am developing deeper friendships with a few people. One friend messages me every day – something I used to freak out about – but it is nice to have the contact rather than a “like” or fun retort to a status update. A few friends email me on occasion, but I never know how to start or continue the conversation, so it typically dwindles. But I do appreciate the check-ins.

So, three weeks left. No sweat!

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