Day 9 of the Social Media Purge

Day 9? Already? Time is really flying by with this break in social media. To be perfectly honest, it has been almost two whole weeks since dumping Facebook, and I don’t miss it even a little bit.

What I have discovered over the past week has shocked me. (Wait, did I just use a clickbait phrase? Shame on me.) But seriously, what I discovered is that I am having more meaningful and intentional conversations with family and friends. Life is no longer about a casual ‘like’ here and there, or a well-timed LOL, or even creepy poke.

The best part of this process is I’m feeling less stressed. Social media, like it or not, can be a huge stressor for people. There is pressure to always be in-the-know. It’s really okay to not always know about events. If it’s important enough, someone will reach out and tell you directly. Let me repeat that. If an event is truly important, someone will reach out to you directly and tell you. 

Looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks play out. Until next time…

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