Social Media Purge

It is customary during Lent to give up or add something positive to your life. In years past, I have given up swearing (and doubled my best friend’s vocabulary), chocolate, and caffeine. I have added charity donations, volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, and worked at a local animal shelter.

This year, however, I want to try something a little different. I will be giving up social media for the entirety of Lent. This is quite difficult for me, but it is something I have wanted to try for a while. Social media has been my crutch – my way to keep in touch with friends since I live states away from most everyone I know.

In the days leading up to the purge, I will be reaching out to collect contact information from friends. I want to make an effort to contact people – away from social media – and find out what is going on in their lives. I want to be real in my connections, not just “like” something and move along with my day.

I invite you to do the same, if you wish, or add something meaningful to your life.